“Dr. Udani is an incredible surgeon that I trust with my life. His attentiveness, genuine care, and expertise is simply unmatched. I could not recommend him enough to anyone else who has to experience such unfortunate situations. In such a terrifying, uneasy, and life-threatening time in my life, Dr. Udani managed to make me feel so comforted and cared for. Thank you so much, you’re a blessing!”

Jasmine K.

“On august 27, 2016, I was showing my 11 year old granddaughter how to boogie board when we got caught by a wave. My granddaughter dragged my paralyzed body out of the ocean. (My hero #1)  Dr. Udani you gave me a titanium neck (my hero #2) one year after the surgery I came back to your office you gave me a clean bill of health  It’s been 5 years this week since I was injured and this is me today. ( lifting weights in the gym. You are truly awesome! Anyone that is fortunate enough to have you as their doc is truly blessed. You are a true Super Hero❤️

Sherree M.

“Dr. Udani is the best surgeon. He is very kind and knows exactly what he is doing. I was bed ridden and in excruciating pain 24/7. I had given up on life, thanks to him I am walking and recovering well. He also has a handful of awesome and friendly staff. God bless you Doctor and all the work you do. Thanks to the rest of the team as well, I’m very grateful.”  T.G.

“My husband had an hemorrhage in the cerebellum from an AVM rupture. Dr. Udani performed an emergency surgery saving his life. We couldn’t be grateful enough for what he did. In the follow up appointments all the staff was very kind and professional. My husband is making a full recovery. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

“We were wonderfully pleased with Dr Udani! We had 2 previous surgeons who changed/cancelled/bailed on us after the surgery was scheduled on several occasions. The last cancellation was 3 days before the surgery. Dr Udani stepped in at the 11th hour and was able to perform my husbands surgery! He did a wonderful job and was able to perform a less invasive surgery than was previously planned and with fantastic results. He was kind and reassuring. He listened to us and answered any questions we had. He was also very respectful of our religious beliefs and was willing to perform bloodless surgery even if there were complications. His bedside manner was great and we were extremely happy with the outcome of the surgery.”

“Dr Udani repaired my husband’s ruptured brain aneurysm and saved his life. My husband has made a complete recovery and is doing great. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Dr Udani.”

To Dr. Udani and the Neuro-Oncology Team:

We thank you for all the help that you were able to provide for our father during his brain tumor surgery. We are beyond grateful for everything you have done.

The family of T.P.

“I had a triple cervical discectomy & fusion anterior approach. He did AMAZING WORK! No problems within hours after my surgery! His bedside manner is kind, gentle and informative, I adore him!”

“Dr Udani resected a large tumor in my cerebellum that was putting pressure on my brainstem. After surgery he carefully checked me everyday and made sure my recovery was smooth. All my symptoms from before surgery went away. I owe him my life.”

“Can’t praise Dr Udani enough. Going in, I was petrified to have neck surgery. From my first appointment through after care, my experience was calming and caring. Most important was the trust I had in him. He gave me back a pain-free life, and for this there can be no greater gratitude. As doctors go, particularly surgeons, Dr Udani sets the highest of standards!”

“Dr Udani is my HERO! He removed a giant tumor from the base of my skull and saved my life. After surgery I had no problems neurologically. After one year I remain tumor free! Thank you Dr Udani !!”

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“Best neurosurgeon on the planet. Hands down. Don’t go anywhere else!”

“I have to thank dr udani for the great work done in my spinal to improve my leg movement.”

“Dr Udani performed an emergency surgery on my dad for a tumor that impaired his balance/coordination and muscle strength. Even the staff of Sharp gave him a two thumbs up for being an exceptional doctor/surgeon which helped reassure us during the surgery. He is very knowledgeable and does his incision very neatly. He is not cocky, very professional and compassionate. My dad could have been paralyzed and eventually die ( nerves on C1-5 were affected) but thanks to him, my dad has returned to his prior level of function. Independent and walking without any assistive device. Highly recommended!!!”

“Dr Udani performed a successful craniotomy on me in November of 2012. He is the MAN. During an operation that lasted hours he removed a tumor and allowed me a second chance at life. Mahalo Dr.Udani.”

“Dear Mr. Murphy,

On May 12th, 2015 I was admitted for surgery at 10:00AM to Sharp Grossmont Hospital for L3-S1 minimally invasive bilateral laminectomies performed by Dr. Vikram Udani, MD. The surgery was completed without complications and I was sent to recovery at approximately 12:30PM.

I wish to commend Dr. Udani for his outstanding and sterling services performed during the operation. The expertise and care exhibited were/are unquestionably the finest available anywhere.

Another important area of skills incorporated by Dr. Udani is utilized and employed in his everyday practice during his interface with his patients. He devoted his time (and all the time I needed) prior to and after the surgery to explain the procedures, what transpired, what to expect, and instruction and expectation of recorvery.

Dr. Udani is indeed an invaluable and vital asset to Sharp Health Care. I wish again to express my most sincere appreciation and gratitude for the excellent services performed and implemented by Dr. Udani and Sharp Grossmont Hospital.”

Your Feedback:

    “Hi Dr. Udani,

    Thank you for performing my two neck surgeries. You are an awesome doctor! Thanks for keeping me alive and for being there in my time of need!

    Your friend,


    “Dr. Udani:

    Thank you for taking such good care of me during a most challenging season of my life. Please express my appreciation also to Ashley for her sensitivity to my situation. Thank you again!”

    “Dr. Udani,

    God has blessed you in so many ways already. This was the first time I really got correct treatment without a really long wait. I am finally back to “normal” again.”

    “Dear Dr. Udani,

    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your kind care of my father in the hospital and your expert advice along the way. Objectivity is difficult when it’s your own dad and your patience and accessibility were appreciated by my entire family at a difficult time. My dad has woken up after 2 weeks of acupuncture and herbal therapy, is now speaking sentences and is weak, but moving all extremities. I’m not sure how much is due to the eastern medicine, but it probably is not hurting. He will have memory issues, but he recognizes family. Thanks again for being a true friend when I needed it the most!”

    “Dear Dr. Udani

    I just really have to tell you how very thankful I am form the bottom of my heart! I believe everything happened to make sure I got the best surgeon and I will be eternally grateful for all you did for me. I cam into the hospital with my whole body going numb and even trouble walking and so full of fear and you fixed me up just like you said you would. No more numbness and every day I feel better! So excited about my full recovery. No words can say how much I appreciate what you did for me! Thank you, I am more than grateful!”

    “I cannot thank you enough for the pain free surgery. Mentally, I was prepared but fortunately it was not a debilitating experience. My wife and I felt you had very competent hands and you proved us correct. Thank you Ashley and your staff for a wonderful conclusion.”

    “Thank you so much for doing such an excellent job on my mom’s surgery! I felt at ease with confidence in you the first time we met. We put her in your hands and you were so wonderful! I’m so grateful to you, there just aren’t enough words! Your knowledge and skills are just amazing! We are in awe of you really! My mom is healing well and less loopy each day. I’m sure she’ll be back to full speed very soon.”

    “Dr. Udani,

    I just wanted to say thank you for being so professional and for the success of my surgery. I never

    expected to need a neurosurgeon but I was lucky to have gotten someone as experienced and talented as you. I really appreciate your hard work and was amazed that I could actually walk from the ICU ward to the trauma ward one day after surgery with no pain. Thanks to your hands and God’s grace. I know I will have more time to enjoy life.”

    “Dr. Udani,

    It’s impossible for my family and I to thank you enough for fixing my back! I don’t think I have ever had a doctor that was so caring and wonderful! You didn’t have to take me on-but you did and you made me feel at ease when I was scared. ”

    “Dr. Vikram Udani,

    Because of you I fell much better and am able to have full use of my hands. The spinal surgery was a success. Thank you so very much.”

    “Dr. Udani,

    Thanks a lot for everything. You are a life saver. So far so good.”

    “Dear Dr. Udani,

    I really felt comfortable going into this surgery and you even put my husband at ease. You were honest about what to expect and there were no surprises ever. Thank you for the direct approach and compassionate care you provided. ”

    “Dr. Udani,

    Thank you for saving my life and my job. I’m doing very well and working very hard!”

    “Dear Dr. Udani,

    I can’t thank you enough for giving me back my life. Your remarkable skills saved me again I God bless you and your lovely family.”

    “Dear Dr. Udani,

    It’s been six months since you performed a small miracle. When my husband first went to you in November 2013, he was in overwhelming pain. Every day was torture and by the end of the work day, he simply sat in the recliner with a heating pad – nothing left in the tank. His back was so painful that a simple thing like taking the dogs for a walk was out of the question.

    At our first consultation, you spelled out everything and quickly put us at ease. That wasn’t a simple task, since back surgery is pretty much the last thing anyone wants to face. You carefully explained the procedure, what it would and would not do. In detail, you outlined what we could expect after surgery starting with day one.

    Everything you said would happened during the process occurred exactly the way you said it would. As a bonus, we had Ashley, a wonder at hand-holding and soothing this worried wife. She was professional, efficient and compassionate in answering questions and providing excellent support as Nick’s back improved.

    Next year we will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. I’m excited to tell you that we’re planning to celebrate with a trip to ltaly–a trip we didn’t think we would be able take. Because of your amazing care, Nick will be strolling down the cobblestone streets with me. Thank you for returning my fun-loving husband.

    Nick is enjoying life. He’s golfing, fishing, and gardening. Our three sons thank you as well, for returning their active father. Bandit and Jersey, our dogs, now get a regular walk.

    You are a blessing, Dr. Udani, and we wish you continued success, restoring health and happiness to other families.”