Brain Tumor Awareness Month

May was Brain Tumor Awareness Month and Doctor Udani is passionate about the surgical treatment of brain and spine tumors. He currently serves as the Medical Director of Neurosurgery for the Laurel Amtower Cancer Institute and Neuro-Oncology Center.

Tumors of the central and peripheral nervous systems can present with a variety of symptoms, including headaches, seizures, speech problems, visual disturbances, sensory changes, or weakness in the arms and legs.

Treatment begins with a biopsy to determine the tumor type. When possible, surgery is then recommend to remove as much of the tumor as safely possible. The goal of surgery is to maximize tumor resection without causing any new neurological deficits or impairment. Fortunately, advanced tools now exist that make neuro-oncologic surgery safer and more effective.

For his surgical cases, Doctor Udani utilizes the most current technology available, including image-guidance, high-power magnification, and tumor fluorescence.

As part of Brain Tumor Awareness Month, he did an interview for Spanish Media that will air on Telemundo and Univision.

Please watch the video and feel free to contact our office with questions.